Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Last post from China

Well, tonight is our last night...Our afternoon was spent at the US Consulate waiting to take our oath. Basically, the oath was just affirming that all of the paperwork we submitted was true to the best of our knowledge. Once we land in Chicago and Rylee's passport is stamped, she will be an American. After our appointment, guess what we ate for dinner....Chinese? Nope - We had Vietnamese food. Vietnamese, Chinese, it is all the same to us at this point. We also had an opportunity to take a group photo of our travel group. The picture of the big crowd is the group from our agency that we have traveled with. I think we had a total of 16 adoptions. The first picture is of all the girls/moms that received children from the Suichuan Welfare Institute. There were a total of 5 girls - all have the name Long Wen ___. Hmmm...Notice anything about our lil' darling compared to the others? :o) Best go as we have to have our bags out ready for the bell men. Check back as we will continue to do posting even after we return...Homecoming, 1st birthday party, etc. Good night!

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