Monday, October 24, 2005

Hanging Ten

Hanging ten - Am I dating myself? Is that a 70's term or what? Of course, I was born in the very late 70's. ;o) Okay, can anyone guess what is different about these pictures? Yep, Mike has made his way from behind the camera. Yippeee! Today, we decided to just hang out and opted out of the trip to the Guangzhou Zoo. I know, we did not see the panda bears...I am sure we can find some zoo in the US with pandas. It was the first day the entire trip that we did anything we wanted. We spent the day enjoying the hotel and it's activities. Morgan did homework with help from Rylee. He also spent some time in the afternoon at the pool. It was a great day and much needed! Tomorrow is our last appointment. We will head to the US Consulate to take our oath. Not sure what exactly the oath is, but hey I guess we will find out when we get there :o) Til' tomorrow...

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