Sunday, October 23, 2005

Energizer Bunny

Still going...Nothing outlasts the Energizer bunny except maybe this travel group...Today, we began the day with a devotional time. It was a very touching experience as the guides sang and several people from our group spoke. Then, we went shopping again. This time, we went to a wholesale baby market. Not too much there of interest to us. You would not believe this place...It was very overwhelming - little stores in a big warehouse...not much room to walk...merchandise coming and going...Too much for me! We have gotten Rylee some squeaky shoes - something that adoptive families cannot resist bringing home for the babies. They are little shoes with squeakers in the heel so, when the baby walks, the shoes squeak. Very cute! The other outing was one that Morgan and Mike went on which was to the countryside/working fields. This seems to have made an impact on Morgan. There was a little girl in particular that he seems to be concerned about. She is the one in the pictures. In the pictures is her home as well. When the mom saw that they were taking pictures of her daughter, she went into the house and put on a knit vest - We are assuming so that she would look nice for the pictures. Brings tears to my eyes every time I see the pictures or think about it. How blessed we are to have the freedoms and comforts we have! You can never imagine how this trip has totally changed each of us -- we have seen and heard so many things that have forever changed our perspective. Rylee and Mike are beginning to bond. She is becoming much more comfortable with him and is allowing him to hold her. Today, while he and Morgan were gone, she continuously pointed to his picture in her baby photo album. We even think she said "Dadda" earlier. We continue to learn more about her each day. She loves sleeping with a blanket and gets it near her mouth and does some sort of sucking thing. She extremely happy and exuberant during meal times. And, she loves to bounce. Tomorrow, our guides will go to the US Consulate with our paperwork. Other than that, we will just "hang out" - I think we are skipping a last minute trip to the zoo. We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing from everyone. Words can not express our gratitude to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, support, and words of encouragement! Goodnight from Guangzhou - We will post new pictures of Rylee tomorrow.

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