Sunday, November 6, 2005

Rylee's 'One'derful Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Rylee's 1st birthday. We figure it is never too late to have a party! Rylee had a blast and especially enjoyed her cake and ice cream. Presents were first this year as we knew a trip straight to the bathtub would follow the cake. She didn't quite know what to do with the cake when we set it before her. As you can see, it did not take long to figure it all out. I wonder what goes on in her little mind..."These people strip me naked, sing a bunch of mubble jumble to me, put this chunk of red and black stuff in front of me, and then clap while I smear it all over my body...Hmmm...." Rylee got the hang of opening the presents and like all children loved the large boxes just as much.

Rylee continues to transition to us and the house. She is beginning to explore the cabinets and is finding all kinds of neat things on the floor. She is eating very well and sleeping through the night. We are working on her taking a early afternoon nap, that is somewhat slow going. This week we will really work into a routine as Mike is going back to work full-time and I will go back to driving Morgan to and from school. I think once our routine is set, we will all be in great shape -- Now that I think of it, I don't think our routine will every be really set as the holidays are approaching and so is Morgan's basketball season. Oh well, a routine from drop off to pick up time will be better than nothing!

Thursday, November 3, 2005

We are home!

We did make it home! Life changed dramatically once we set foot on American soil. We are all going through quite an period of adjustment. Thankfully, each day is getting better! Rylee has been through a lot of changes and is gradually adapting to them all. She has been sleeping through the night now for 4 nights and is beginning to take a nap here and there. Once we returned home, all she did was cry and she would not let me put her down! Wow! What a change that was from China. She is now playing and feeling more secure by herself as long as I am within eye sight. The car and a car seat was a new thing for her as well - She did not like the car seat and would cry from the moment we put her in until the time we arrived to our destination and took her out. Now, she pouts for just a moment and is quiet, for the most part, until we get where we are going. She loves to be out shopping and in the public (unless it is lunchtime - mistake for the day). As you can see, there have been many adjustments, but she is slowly easing into the changes. I think once we are on a "regular" schedule she will be even more comfortable, secure, confident, etc.

Yesterday, she had her first check-up with the doctor that specializes in international adoptions. Rylee weighs 17 lbs. 14 oz. and is 28.5 inches long. She is petite, but boy does she love to eat! The doctor gave us the okay to feed her whole milk, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, etc. Rylee wants nothing to do with baby food so, we have jumped to table food. Today, she ate a whole jr. burger from Wendy's with a few french fries and animal crackers. After all that, she was asking for more. She is able to sign "more" for us now. Back to the doctor visit... She is in great health. We do have some bloodwork that has been sent to the lab and are waiting for her TB test to be read tomorrow. Developmentally, she is doing fine - probably still a slight delay, but nothing of concern. For those of you that have seen a few pictures where her eye is turned in, it is an angle illusion that has something to do with the bridge of her nose being wider. The doctor gave us her lingo for it "Pseudoesotropia". We will return to this doctor in May for a 6 month follow-up visit.

Mike and I are beginning to get our sleep cycles adjusted. I can not keep my eyes open past 9. I think he and I have changed roles - He is now the night owl and I am now the one that can't function past 9. Hopefully, it will all turn around in the next week. Morgan is doing great and is going to do a presentation with Mike today for his class. He loves coming home to see Rylee and we are so thankful for his gentle spirit! Yesterday, after asking him about his day, he asked how Rylee's doctor's appointment had gone and if she was okay. What a sweet boy!
Well, I am going to close here...We are home! I will post again soon!